About Us


Welcome everyone, my name is Doreen Williams-James and I’m excited to invite you on this adventurous journey with the wild edible plants.  I started foraging as a child with my father going out picking Scurvy grass and New Zealand Spinach.  These experiences will forever remain with me, and have come to the realization of the importance of getting back to the basics.


Working in the funeral profession I have seen the importance of the connection of a healthier lifestyle verses poor choices in our diet.  I truly believe that various diseases can be reversed or cured by what we put in our bodies.  My goal and mission is to introduce the exciting world of the wild edible plants.  Preparing wild edible plants offers not only health benefits but also nutrition, chemical free, non gmo, and so much more.


Every season we look forward to the variety of plants nature offers us to preparing delicious culinary dishes.  The variation is amazing.  No only is it food but also medicine.


I look forward to sharing and introduce to your the wonderful world of the wild edible plants.